We are RAK Intenational Corporate Center Agent

We are here to help you in business setup, marketing and management in the UAE. Our qualified team can do business formation on Mainland, Free Zone or Offshore.

We will give you professional consultations and perform all the procedures so that you will be able to concentrate onyour projects instead of running around.

No chatter about our goodness.

Only words about YOUR benefits!

Dedicated manager

Who will lead you through the process from the first call till the final stage

Save your time

We do paperwork, stay in lines and even get stuck in traffic to ease your life!


You will get reasonable price and excellent service. Yes, that is possible!


Our partners and affiliates who specialize in related spheres are ready to help: financial advisers, legal advisers and even web-designers are at your service


We do not mind to share our knowledge and experience with you. You will understand what we are doing and how are doing it in case next time you want to try by yourself :)

We like to become friends with our clients. Become our friend!

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