Why RAK offshore company formation

Tax exemption

Single or multiple directors – physical or corporate

One or many directors – physical or corporate

No paid-up share capital

No requirement for accounting and audit

No citizenship and residency limitations

No currency control

Companies can do business outside of the UAE

Bank accounts in Dubai, UAE and abroad

No time zone restrictions

No limitations on the capital expatriation

Registered address in the UAE – Agent’s address

About RAK Offshore company

RAK offshore is the first center in the Middle East that offers International Business Companies (IBC) registration. RAK offshore keeps customers’ safety and confidentiality as the top priority.

UAE in general and RAK in particular is a politically stable place with rapidly-developing economy.

Offshore companies incorporated in RAK are very flexible global instruments that can serve different objectives: trading, asset protection, tax planning, real estate holding, inheritance planning, trusts or funds.

Identity of RAK offshore companies’ shareholders is kept confidential by law.

Companies require minimum capital and just one director and shareholder, who can be the same person.

UAE has Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements (DTAA’s) with several countries, nowadays more than 40.

What activities you are not allowed for offshore companies

  • Financial activities
  • Insurance and re-insurance
  • Any activity related to media
  • Any activity related to aviation
  • Any business with UAE “onshore” companies
  • Establishing a branch in the UAE

Here are some examples of our clients’ offshore businesses

  • International trading
  • Brokerage
  • Property holding
  • On-line advertising
  • Consultancies
  • Ship registration
  • Stock-market trading

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RAK offshore company is renewed on annual basis.
Renewal price is $2050 every year

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What is included into the price

Services included:
  •  Registered Agent
  •  Registered Address
  •  Secretarial maintenance of your company


Charges included:
  •  Government fees
  •  Agent’s service fees

Documents included:
  •  Certificate of Incorporation
  •  Two original copes of Memorandum and Articles of Association
  •  Share certificate
  •  The Register of Directors
  •  Shares Register
  •  Appointment of Director and Secretary
  •  Company seal

Elena Ovchinnikova - RAK offshore company formation expert

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Process of your offshore company registration

The registration of a RAK Offshore international comapny takes about 1 week.

Simple and Fast

We get approval of your company name and activity.

You sign incorporation documents and give us necessary personal details.

We submit the documents to the Registrar in RAK Authority.

After a few days your company is ready. You can now open corporate bank account and start your transactions.

Required documents from you

  •  Your passport copy
  •  Visa or entry stamp to the UAE (if applicable)
  •  Your residential address
  •  Valid phone number and e-mail
  •  Proof of address – latest utility bill

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tax-free jurisdiction?

It’s a jurisdiction where taxes are levied at a low rate or do not apply at all. Different jurisdictions can be havens for varioust types of taxes. Sovereign countries have all the powers to enact any tax rules affecting their territories. International businesses or offshore companies can be incorporated in tax-free jurisdictions to ease the management and to reduce taxes.

How does offshore protect assets?

Assets can be owned by offshore company instead of an individual.  The company can be placed in trust or foundation, for instance.

How Offshore protect confidentiality?

Offshore companies can have nominee directors. Besides, tax-free jurisdictions such as RAK keep the names of directors and shareholders off public record.

Are there any taxes to be paid by RAK offshore company?

No. RAK offshore companies don’t pay taxes on profit and capital gains. They don’t pay value-added tax or withholding tax.

What is an IBC or IC?

IBC refers to International Business company, IC – international company. These types of companies can conduct business anywhere apart from the country of incorporation. They are usually formed in tax-free jurisdictions and enjoy all the benefits of these territories.

How many shareholders can RAK offshore have?

RAK offshore can have from 1 to 15 shareholders. The liability of each shareholder is limited to his/her share of the company capital. There is no public record of shareholders.

Does minimum capital have to be paid?

No. It only has to be mentioned in the Memorandum of Association. Bearer Shares are not allowed. Denomination of the capital can be in UAE Dirhams of US Dollars.

Who usually opens RAK offshore companies?

RAK offshores are particularly suitable for companies looking for minimizing their overall tax liability, seeking asset protection or in need of establishing an exchange control trading vehicle.

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